Switchgrass Build 101: What to Expect

At Switchgrass Tiny Homes we believe that the home you build, needs to fit you and your lifestyle perfectly.  Living tiny is not about a Spartan lifestyle where you have to do without, it’s about living an essentialist lifestyle, where you weed out the clutter so you are able to live with the things that matter most to you and your family.

There is a TON of information out there about tiny homes and tiny living.  It can be overwhelming.  Everyone has an opinion, and everyone thinks their way is the best and only way.  We often field questions about how to pick the perfect design for a tiny home.  The honest answer is…there’s no one perfect way to build a tiny home.  It all comes down to knowing yourself and what is essential to you for living; as a result, making sure the tiny home fits your lifestyle not the other way around.  This is the sweet-spot where Switchgrass Tiny Homes comes in.

 When you choose to build with us, we start by asking you about yourself and your lifestyle.  We developed a Custom Build Questionnaire that asks the usual questions: budget, timeline, style choices, etc. Then we get into the nitty-gritty: How many living creatures will call the tiny house home (humans, fur-babies, plants, goldfish, etc.), what hobbies do you have, do you love to cook or bake or kayak? This is the information that we need, in order to design a custom home that fits your life perfectly.

Once we review your questionnaire, we begin drawing possible floor plans.  We’re old school, so it’s paper, pencil and an architects square.  We usually give you a few ideas to consider, and take feedback on what you like or don’t like.  Once we zero in on a floor plan, we generate the elevation drawings with windows and doors placed so you can visualize how your tiny home will look.

 At this point in the process we put your final proposal together.  This includes a contract that outlines exactly what you will get with your new tiny home…..down to appliance choices, light fixtures, siding and interior finish.  After-all, this is your home, so it should fit you and your personality.

Build time depends on the size and complexity of your tiny home, but typically takes around 10 weeks or so as soon as the trailer arrives and the build gets underway.  Lead time for our trailers is around 3 weeks or so, and come registered in your name.   Once we start building, you will receive updates throughout, and we post pictures on our social media platforms.  Upon completion, your tiny home will be delivered to you ourselves, or by one of our reputable haulers specializing in all things “tiny house.”

From your initial inquiry to the completed build, Switchgrass Tiny Homes is with you the entire way.  We build beautiful custom tiny homes, but we also help you envision your best life, living tiny. We walk you through the process start to finish, which is one of our favorite parts of this business.